What Others Are Saying

“I want to highly recommend The Irresistible Husband, by Jason Gratehouse. This book is all about what you can do to change how your wife thinks and feels about you. Sure, she has free will, but any sane woman should respond positivity to the suggestions in this book. The Irresistible Husband is an easy read because it is broken into concise, bite-size chapters… there is no fluff or filler, so it is dense with quality advice on becoming the husband that she simply can’t resist! … I have become fully convinced this is one of the twelve best marriage-enriching books I have read.” — Paul Byerly, The Generous Husband

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“Jason Gratehouse has written a wonderful little book to help men turn their marriages around and heal relationships. I love how he weaves in Old Testament stories to teach basic principles and bring them to life. From the practical — help lighten her load — to the more spiritual — to having integrity, he covers all the things a wife would like…things that speak to a woman’s heart.

I love his emphasis on passion, because that’s the root of a successful marriage. Our God is a passionate God, and marriage is supposed to reflect what He feels for us.

The Irresistible Husband is written for men to read and live out. And any man who does so will be irresistible; I guarantee it. Rooted in Scripture and showing principles from God’s Word, [Jason] shows the simple things that it takes to be irresistible. So for all you guys, I highly recommend getting this book!.” — Sheila Gregoire, To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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I have read A LOT of marriage books (I write a marriage blog for Christian Husbands, so I see alot of books come though), and this one is THE BEST I have ever read, for PRACTICAL, BIBLICAL, and SIMPLE ways to make yourself “irresistible” to your wife. It is a MUST have for every husband. — Gerad Harris, Missional Husband